Selasa, 30 Desember 2014


Hi, my dear universe!

It's been a very long time since the last time I posted something to my own blog! Hehehehe. Been occupied lately that I cannot get through my laptop anymore.

Are you still wondering whether I am accepted at Frisian Flag Indonesia?

The answer is..........................................................


Hahahahahaha. They said that I was overqualified. Again, OVERQUALIFIED. I think it's sort of polite answer to say, "Sorry my dear, you are rejected. Go away!"

My current job is at one of FMCG companies in Indonesia. Not Unilever (yet), it is MANDOM. If you know Gatsby, Pixy, Pucelle, Spalding, Johnny Andrean, Mandom Kids, Glazelle, Lucido, Lucido-L, you know MANDOM.

It's been a struggle here. This is my very first time working under (super) pressure, deadline, expatriate bosses, and big responsibilities. I am in Research and Development (RnD) division which I am responsible to new improvement or even to new brand(s) launched by MANDOM INDONESIA. Since the last 4 months i've worked here, i have made tons of mistakes. It feels so much different compared to my previous job. Somehow I feel guilty that I am not taking the right path as a biostatistician who has to be more concerned to public health. But, what can I say? I am into FMCG kind of world. I have worked at hospital, but i didnt feel that it was my world. I dont know, probably someday in the future, I will be back as public health enthusiast. Who knows? But for now, I will give some attention to what I call "my passion". That passion will lead me to what major I should take for master degree (Aamiin Ya Allah).

I'm still struggling, honestly. Even sometimes i think i wanna give up that I always make my colleagues been occupied by my mistakes. But it is wothy to give up now? No. I just have to keep on learning so that I can stop making mistakes.

So, for all you who are still struggling with your new job, your promotion, your new life, your education, or everything new:

For God's sake, no smooth road to ride!