Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Fetus Soup

there's one of piteous stories comes from China.
actually, this is an old story, but one of you may haven't known yet so i tell you now.

why Fetus Soup? does it mean soup which one of the ingredients is a FETUS?
yap! extremely right!
as we know, China has a very bad sense of eating. its citizen likes to make any kind of food made of unusual thing, such as insect, brain of dog, scorpion, sea horse, FETUS, and more.
this is so incredible. we have to be careful eating in China. because in some restaurants, those unusual foods are not written in menu, but there are "passwords" that donate those foods. for example, the password of FETUS SOUP is BAIKUT.

they belive that Fetus can be used to increase sexual desire so that they can have sex several times a night. besides that, China's women also believe that fetus can make them always look like a teenager (well-preserved -RED).

This kind of 'healthy soup' is made of 6-or-8-months fetus and  per-portion fetus takes 3000-4000 RMB (local currency) for price. this food is hard to get because the fetus isn't ready stock. restaurants have to find out mothers who don't want their baby.
according to some research, the fetus is always a girl. i dont know whether this is a government's policy to control growth of citizen or not, but something to know that this has to be STOPPED!












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