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Hey, guys! Analitico is on the way to hold the other trainings of 2012, yeay!
We're here to provide you some of the statistical training. After succeded in the first training, which is SPSS-used training, now we're heading to provide training for STATA and EpiInfo. Almost the same as SPSS, STATA and EpiInfo are two of some statistical softwares that can be used to make data management & analysis easier. Of course, although they are quite the same function, each of them has sort of special aspects that diferentiate between one another. Therefore, we are bridging you to get closer to what they are like! ;)


Session 1 (planning technique) --> Des, 17-18 
Session 2 (management and analysis of survey data) --> Des, 19-20
Session 3 (analysis of survey data) --> Des, 20-21
Bachelor degree student: Rp350.000,00/session
Master degree student: Rp500.000,00/session
Doctoral degree student: Rp750.000,00/session
Public: Rp1.500.000,00/session


Session 1 (planning technique) --> Des, 20
Session 2 (management and analysis of survey data) --> Des, 21
Session 3 (analysis of survey data) --> Des, 22
Diploma/bachelor degree student: Rp350.000,00/all sessions
Master degree student: Rp600.000,00/all sessions
Doctoral degree student: Rp750.000,00/all sessions
Public: Rp900.000,00/all sessions

Who'll be the trainers?
The team teachers from Department Biostatistics and Population Studies, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia

Where's the venue?
Faculty of Public Health, University off Indonesia

What will the trainees get?
Certificate with SKP, lunch, goody bag, EPIINFO7 software, & module.
Attention, STATA software is not given.

How long will it take?
For STATA: 2 days/session
For EPIINFO7: 1 day/session

How to self-register?
1. Download & fulfill the form that can be found here on Analitico UI's website
2. Transfer the investment fee to:
- BNI University of Indonesia at 0067984984, on behalf of FAKULTAS KESEHATAN MASYARAKAT UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA
- The investment fee has to be transferred at least a week before the due date
- The transfer token can be sent by email, fax, or confirming to the contact persons

The trainees are they who already transfer the investment fee. There will not be a refund if the trainees are cancelling.

Twitter: @analiticoUI
Facebook: Analitico Ui
Contact Person: Tika 0857 1910 6108

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