Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Connie Talbot ♥

exatcly, i wouldn't know her if i didn't watch Oprah Winfrey Show on Metro TV yesterday.

Connie Talbot, or Connie for short, was born 20 November 2000. she rose to fame since she parlayed her luck to join Britain's Got Talent on 2007 (she was just 6). on the audition, she was able to make judges in love with her fascination by singing Over The Rainbow. the woman judge (sorry, i forget her name) even cried listening her voice.
finally, she reached to the final after winning her semi-final with a live performance by singing Ben by Michael Jackson. On the night of the final, she sang Over The Rainbow again, but lost to Paul Potts as a result of the call-in vote.

up to now, she has released 3 albums, Over The Rainbow, Christmas Album, and Holiday Magic. exactly, in her 3 albums, she just re-sings others' songs not sings her own songs. I dont know why, but she still sings with her own character. she makes so many singles, but the most well-known are Three Little Birds and I Will Always Love You. both are from her first album, Over The Rainbow.

just download her songs and you'll understand how fascinating she is. .
I recommend these songs:


Favourite Things

I Believe

I Have A Dream


I Will Always Love You (this is the most i Like, so cool!)

Over The Rainbow (old song but soooo nice)


Three Little Birds

You Raise Me Up

Walking In The Air

Wonderful World

-for Christians

White Christmas 

Silent Night






Blonde girl is always fascinating :-)

-see ya-

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